Why prioritising yourself can be so difficult

Does saying "I matter" feel uncomfortable to you? If it does, you're not alone.

So often thinking it, let alone saying it, can stir up a lot of emotion for people. Feelings of not being good enough or not having a place in this world are overwhelmingly present for many. 

People are struggling to prioritise themselves. You?

And it's not something that just affects one particular group of people. It's affecting men and women, people of any age or stage of life, and those from every type of socio-economic background. It's widespread.

From working with many people over the years and my own journey too, here's what I think contributes to people not prioritising themselves.

From a very young age, the experiences and things people said to or about us, have shaped our view of who we are as a person. As children we expressed ourselves in the way that came naturally to us - but if it didn't fit what others thought was 'normal' or 'acceptable' we soon found out about it! In response to others (negative) reactions, you will have started to shut down parts of yourself.

Everyone's childhood experience will vary and so will the extent to which you shut yourself down to fit the "acceptable" standard. And from here you began to doubt your worthiness and that you mattered.

There is no one exactly like you, you are unique.

And the more you know, accept and approve of who you are, the more fully you can life live well. Because until then, to some degree, you'll live life in the way you think you *should*. It's the way that's considered acceptable or appropriate by others but remember, they're NOT you!

You know you best.

By virtue of being here, you matter and have a place in this world. There's nothing to prove and no initiation test to pass!

And you are eligible to be yourself, it isn't something reserved for only a 'select' few. It really is available to you now, if you choose.

It’s your choice

And there are only two choices. Choose to be you or not.

Remember, when making the choice, that life is short and precious, and there are no do-overs! We can't ask for the time that's past to be available to us again. Once it's gone it's gone. 

Beautiful, you matter and have a place in this world. Honour yourself by allowing the real you to step forward out of the shadows.

How can you allow even more of your real self to show?

Maybe you'll wear that coloured top you love. Or you'll commit time each day to self-care. Perhaps you'll finally say YES! to that thing you've been wanting to try. Whatever it is, go ahead and give yourself permission, because you matter and have a place in this world.

What will you commit to giving yourself permission to be and do in the week ahead? After all, this is your life to live well now.

Go well,

Tracey x

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