Muscles are strengthened when they're used, just like confidence

It's a common phrase in conversations lately, and it goes something like this ...

"I'm not ready to start yet / make that change because I don't feel confident"

Maybe you've said something like that before, perhaps you've said it today.

But here's the thing. Confidence doesn't arrive fully dressed and ready for action one beautiful perfect day.

Confidence is built by taking action.

That's why small actions are fantastic! And it's also why starting now is so important!

Every small action you take is helping you build your confidence muscle. Just like if you want to build your muscles 💪 - you start with light weights and do a few reps. Then as you gain strength, you use heavier weights and do more reps.

If you're sitting on the sidelines of your life waiting for confidence to show up, please STOP.

This is your precious life to live now and you're more ready than you know to take action. And as you take action, you're confidence will build (I promise!).

Commit to taking a step today (and remember, it can be a small one). And no, you're not taking the "soft option" or cheating by taking a small step. If anything you're being smart! Because change, progress, transformation (call it what you will) is achieved one-step-at-a-time.

Go well,

Tracey x

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