FREE gift to help you make the most of the new year ahead

A new year is full of potential and promise. It stretches out before you and you have the opportunity to shape it with the choices you make.

One of my favourite tools, and something I want to gift you today, looks simple but it's really powerful when it comes to planning out the year. Because the days, weeks and months can fly by quickly, can't they? And before you know it another year has gone by and you're left wondering where on earth it went!

One way to avoid getting caught up in demands, deadlines and never-ending To Do lists is to get clear about what matters to you. And the easiest way I know to do that is to map out what you specifically want to focus on each month.

Yep, I know it sounds simple and when you download this gift from me, you might even doubt it's power. But when you write down what you want to prioritise each month AND focus your attention and energy towards it, you might be pleasantly delighted by the results.


So here's the tool, 12-months at a glance. Click here to download it. Or if you've got the 2019 Live Well Planner, you'll find a copy in there.

On the template write in the IMPORTANT activities, projects, milestones, To Do’s, celebrations or whatever it is that matters to you. Get them down on paper so you can see them. Because left in your mind, they’ll get lost in among the 60,000 thoughts you have a day!

The 12-month planning sheet is something I use every year for both my life and business. And I refer to it a lot throughout the year. I trust it's of use to you.

Go well,

    - Tracey

Hey there, I'm Tracey, a once-upon-a-time chronic people pleaser who has kicked that habit to the curb! And thank goodness for that because the constant, at times overwhelming, pressure and stress was definitely not working well for me! These days I live well. I’ve aligned how I live and work with what matters to me.. And it’s been life-changing! If you’re ready to live well, I'm here to let you know it is possible to achieve success without sacrificing your quality of life or health.

Using a good dose of soulfulness, teaching you about the power of your mind and taking a practical-action taking focus, we'll shine a light on you and get you living well. Head here to find out more about how we can work together and if you have a question or want to find out more about coaching let me know here.