Week 3 - Spotlight on 2015

Welcome to week #3

You've covered a lot of ground in the first two weeks of this programme.  The information and exercises will have helped you get clear about where you're at.  Remember, knowing where you're at is oh so important to planning for the future.

While we’ve moved into week # 3, go back to the exercises and what you wrote in the first two weeks as often as you need to.  You might want to add more information or remind yourself of what you wrote and what’s important to you.   

The exercises this week will help get clear about what you want 2015 to be like.  We're going to look at the role and importance of having a theme, get super specific about what you want 2015 to be like, and learn about setting compelling goals (goals you really want to achieve). 

The key with planning for the future, particularly in the exercise where you get specific about 2015, is this...

Focus on what you want, rather than on 'how' it's going to happen. 

Trust the process.  Get clear about what you want first and foremost.  In setting compelling goals we'll look at the first key steps plus in week # 4 I'll share some tips on how you can set yourself up for success.

Please choose to give the exercises your attention and effort.  After all, you are THE best person to know yourself and determine the path of your life.  If you’re not in the driver’s seat, then who is?

Do all of these exercises in the order they’re listed but if you like to mix things up, be sure to do 'setting compelling goals' last.

If you have any questions, at any stage of the programme, please email me.