Week 4 - Ready, Set, Action

Welcome to week # 4 of the '2015 your best year yet' online programme. 

A mighty big, heartfelt “yahoo” and “congratulations” from me to you!  You’ve said yes to yourself and stepped into the driver’s seat of your life!

As often as you need to, go back to the previous weeks exercises to re-read what you wrote and to add to it.  It's a journey rather than a case of been-there-done-that, ticked it off

Week # 4 is all about setting yourself up for success

Over the last 3-weeks you’ve got clear about where you are now and what your ideal life looks like.  You’ve reflected on your beliefs and values, plus put the spotlight on 2015 and set compelling goals.  This week, to complete your roadmap for achieving what’s most important to you, we’re going to get set for action. 

Only 10% of people who set goals actually achieve them

That of course means a whopping 90% don’t.  I know you want to be in the 10% club because you signed up to do this programme!  So this week I’m going to share with you five GOLD-class success tips. 

At first glance you might think these tips are small and simple but don't be fooled by that, their power is HUGE.  These are my favourite success tips.  I know they work, I use them and so do others.

Are you ready to learn about my five GOLD-class success tips?  Did I hear a rousing "yes", fantastic. 

You know that whatever you give your attention, energy and focus too –whether it’s positive or negative – is what you’ll get.  Get set to step into 2015 knowing exactly what you want it to be like and believing you can achieve it.

If you have any questions, at any stage of the programme, please email me.